Qubitscape is my painterly approach to a flow field with colors and shapes. Qubitscape stands on a basic idea of rectangles distributed on flow field with rotation added to it’s position which created forms resembling rock layers : an abstract landscape of rectangles. While the styles and colors are deterministic, some parameters slightly vary each time , this is done on purpose to create alternating scapes within a range. I’m always intrigued by the idea of quantum mechanics as an artist. Check from here : https://www.fxhash.xyz/generative/3612

Density Lord:

‘Density Lord’ is a pre-defined parameter set with circular modifier on. The probability of outcome is 15%. In the outcome there is 10% probability of second circle modifier.


“Framed’ produces small Qubitscapes, centered or slightly off centered. Has no circle modifiers. The probability outcome of this parameter set is 10%. This set has a hidden outcome feature “tip deaturation’ with a probability of 5%. If your piece is framed and has an outcome like the picture above, colors losing their saturation at tips, it’s a rare one.

Circled and Framed:

‘Circled and Framed’ has outcome probability of 10% with circle modifier on. This one has second circle modifier with a probability of 30%. Secondary circle can be smaller or bigger with a random center offset value with no particular weight. It’s unweighted random alignment creates a wide spectrum of possible anomalies.

Horizontal Foliated:

Horizontal foliated is a parameter set with no specific weighted features, generating outcomes resembling the rock layers. This one has outcome probability of 5% in overall. No circular modifier

Vertical Glitchy:

‘Vertical Glitchy ‘ is a pre-defined parameter set aimed to generate, vertical scapes creating glitched areas. Has no circle modifier or weighted hidden features. Probability outcome of this style is 10%

Spaced w/ Circle:

‘Spaced w/ Circle’ parameter set dense and curly with a large circle modifier on. Has outcome probability of 15% in general 5% probability of ‘See Through’ modifier within.


‘Bowl’ is a parameter set with circle modifier on, this parameter set creates varying larger sizes at the tips thus creating a collapsed effect. This outcome has probability of 10% in general.

Partial Color:

‘Partial Color’ is predefined parameter set always generating striped colors transitions, changing in hue and saturation depending on the randomization value. The striped part can fill up to 80% percent of the canvas starting from left side. This feature has outcome probability of 10% and ‘See through’ feature with a probability of 5% within this feature

Wildcard Rainbow:

‘Wildcard Rainbow’ is the wildest of all styles with a wide range of parameters, ability to create any of the previously predefined parameter set or more. This color palette is the initial one which i used until defining the color parameters. This outcome has probability of 5%.


As name suggests, guess there is nothing more to say about it. Outcome probability is 10%.