Murat Atimtay was born in Istanbul 1983.

He started his career as a tattoo artist in 2001. In the following years his interest started to grow about using technology as another medium of art. Under the name of Divine Kinematics, Murat Atimtay exhibited his first interactive sculpture at Lights in Jerusalem festival in 2017. As he developed the idea of creating unique tattoos with a result of an algorithm, Project Heliantone was born. In 2019 he won his first prize from Frankfurt Tattoo Convention and became a renowned artist with his distinctive style that he named Heliantone.

Currently creating generative art and interactive experiences using code as a medium.

His works are exhibited in Paris(NFT Paris2022), Times Square(NFT NYC 2022), Frankfurt (Museum Angewandte Kunst) and London (Proof of People 2022 in collab. w/ Matthew Hawtin), NFT London (Verticalcrypto Art Invites London)